Jobs. Not Leads.

We offer you jobs. Not leads.

Why you should sign up

Jobs. Not leads. is a platform that allows skilled and qualified users to accept Framing, Tile, Demolition, Custom Exterior and Slab type of jobs from the ease of their home. Our app allows users to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them on each job. Our crews work in some of Denver’s finest neighborhoods. We take pride in ourselves on delivering the best service and have high quality expectations. If you are passionate about your work and take pride in what you do. Submit your application now.

Check out our intro video

Watch our quick video that explains what Jobs. Not Leads. has to offer. We work with GC's and homeowners in some of the finest neighborhoods in Colorado. Our clients expect a very high level of quality and service, so if you choose to join our elite team you understand that you are not only representing yourself, but our team as well.

What we have to offer

We offer you jobs

That's right, we offer you jobs, and not leads. Unlike other platforms you can have the confidence in knowing that what you are accept are actual jobs, that are sold and need to be staffed.

Ease of use

Our app is easy to use. Book your next job from the comfort of your home or where ever you maybe. You will be able to see a detailed scope of work, estimated start date and any files associate with the project so that you know what is expected of you and so that everyone is on the same page.

It's 100% FREE!

All this is free! Submit your application and once you have been approved then you will have access our app where you will be able to accept jobs at your finger tips.